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Masterchef Brasil – HD – S01E07 – BAND – 15/10/2014

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Episode ONE 2014 The Apprentice UK Series 10

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October 21, 2014

During the weekend, another thing that we really enjoy is attending Fashion Shows. This is an avenue where we believe creativity can be seen in its best. I love attending and getting to know the latest in the beauty trends, makeup, clothes wear and just plain vanity and hype. Well, this is actually more reality somehow.

This past weekend, there was a fashion show in Hongkong and we were there, me and my sister. The thing that caught our eyes are the sleek foundation of Poise Cosmetics – poisemakeup,com. They are very pretty and cool. My sister used to do some cosplay and she said that the foundations we saw are of great quality where you use in on cosplay. On the other hand, we also saw Ika Butoni in the show. She’s very famous here in HK and we saw lots of her new design in that beauty fashion show.

Well, that’s it for now for my journal. I’ll catch with you next time.



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